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Need a website? Don’t know where to begin? We will help you through the maze...
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Need a website? Don’t know 
            where to begin? We will help
            you through
            the maze...
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Mobiles, Tablets, Ipads, Iphones, Desktops, Laptops...

...In 2024 a web site needs to work on all of these

"Day by day, the number of devices...

...platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.” - Jeffrey Veen

Web sites these days are viewed on a wide variety of devices. For this reason it is no longer sufficient to a have a web site that works on a desktop computer - it must work equally well on Mobiles, Tablets, Ipads, Iphones, Desktops, Laptops..

Mobile friendly web sites 
A good web site should 
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Browsing on mobiles and tablets...

...now rivals browsing on desktops - there are 3 ways to respond to this fact:

1. Ignore mobiles and tablets - bad for business you'll be cutting off a significant part of your potential audience.

2. Have two sites - one for mobiles, one for desktops - extra work and problems with search engine rankings.

3. Have one 'responsive' site (like this one) that adapts itself to the device - this is known as Responsive Design

A good web site should...

1. Be attractive - with engaging graphics and a pleasing layout - not too cluttered, not too minimal.

2. Be Search engine-friendly - there's no point in having a great web site if no-one can find it.

3. Be easy to use - having intuitive navigation and a logically organised structure isn't rocket science (or even brain surgery) but many web sites fall down on this.

4. Work equally well on all platforms & Devices -Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones PC's, Macs, Firefox, Chrome etc....they all need to be catered for.

5. 'Give the people what they want' - the most successful web sites offer something people need - information, a service, a product.

6. Be affordable - it's true you get what you pay for, but by the same token, value for money is essential.

7. Be hosted on fast reliable servers - a slow server that 'goes down' repeatedly is bad for business.

This is where we come in - we will create you a website which achieves all of the above. Ask for a no-obligation free quote.

We will:

  • explain the available options in an easy to understand, non-technical way.
  • create the right website for your needs - and not oversell - not everyone needs all the bells and whistles!
  • be straightforward and honest from the outset - no hidden costs.
  • provide reliable and friendly support.

We can provide:

  • E-commerce
  • Content management systems
  • Social media integration
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Html emails
  • Mobile sites
  • Apps
  • Hosting
  • Domain registration
  • Flash animation
  • Email
  • Blogs
  • Everything else (almost!)

It can be a bit daunting...

...hosting, domain names, content management systems, sometimes you can feel overwhelmed. Contact Phil Barnett for a no obligation chat - to help you through the maze.

Whatever your requirements, whatever your budget - maybe you are small business looking for a simple 2 or 3 page web design or something more complex such as an online shop - abcissa can provide you with an affordable, attractive website that works.

To see what we can do for you ask for a free quote


"The service provided by Abcissa is completely unrivaled. Phil is always available to help and provides great solutions to suit our business needs. He is an integral part of our business operation and is very highly valued by us for the efficient and dedicated service he provides us."
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Website Options

Available Features:

  1. Content Management System (enabling site owners to edit content)
  2. Responsive site i.e adapts to device - mobile, tablet, desktop etc
  3. Interactive features - forums, blogs, news feeds etc
  4. Design revisions if required
  5. Logo design if required
  6. One off cost - only annual cost is £30 for hosting
  7. Optimised for search engine friendliness
  8. Free search engine submission
  9. Optimised for fast page loading
  10. Registration of Domain Name of your choice
  11. Email account set up
  12. Bespoke Graphics
  13. Free Technical Support
  14. Compatiblity with Firefox and Google Chrome and Internet Explorer etc
  15. Integation with Social Media (Twitter, Facebook) etc
  16. Upgradeable

We can also arrange for :

  • Printed Materials for your business - brochures, flyers, business cards etc
  • Branding


Starter Website - ideal for a small business or those on a tight budget

1-5 pages of web design and development, Design revisions if required, Logo design if required

The cost of this type of website is typically £200 - £550

Medium Website - ideal for a small to medium-size enterprise

5-10 pages of web design and development, Design revisions if required, Logo design if require

The cost of this type of website is typically £400 - £700

Large Website - ideal for a small to medium-size enterprise

Unlimited pages of web design and development, Content Management System (enabling site owners to edit content),

The cost of this type of website is typically over £700

Ecommerce site - ideal for those who wish to sell producs online

The cost of this type of website is typically over £500

Note These packages are merely guidelines to show what is available - it may well be that your website idea does not conform to one any of these - if so please contact us.

Website Services

Website Design

Your site needs to look professionally designed and to stand out from the crowd so we will...

  • Work with you until you are entirely happy that the design of your site
  • Create a unique site that looks good and is easy to navigate
  • Strike a balance between good-quality images and fast download time
  • Ensure that anyone viewing your site will be able to see the site correctly, no matter what web browser or device is being used, no matter what size monitor they have
  • Ensure that your site looks good at any resolution
Content Management Systems 

Content Management Systems

Most web sites will need updating a some stage. There are 3 options here,

1. Do it yourself   pro - it's free!; con - you need the skill.

2. Get the designer to do it   pro - still quite cheap; con - there may be a delay.

If your site changes regularly it may be worth having a...

3. Content Management System   pros - you can update the site yourself from your computer; con - more expensive.

To update content you log in to your online, password protected, administration area - add or update text, links, images etc.

E-commerce (on-line shop)

These days online purchases account for a large proportion on the sales of many businesses. The days of people being afraid of the internet are long gone. Abcissa offers various ecommerce solutions to suit your requirements.

At the very simple (therefore inexpensive) end of the range - a Paypal button can be added to your existing web site to sell a single product.

At the other end of the spectrum would be a fully featured online shop with a shopping basket, customer registration etc - you are able to update product details from your own computer.

An ecommerce success story...

...Combined Charities Christmas Shops - designed and developed by Abcissa - has sold approximately half a million pounds worth of Charity Christmas products in its 8 years of operation.


Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

Merely because you have a web site - it doesn't follow that visitors will automatically 'beat a path to your door.' Your site must be found. The way the site is constructed is integral to its 'search engine-friendliness.'

Your keywords (i.e the phrases that people type into Google to find you) must be placed at appropriate places in the code.

There are a number of trade-offs at play when it comes to web design, one of these is aesthetics versus search engine-friendliness. For example the copy you put on your site is likely to be different from the copy you would put on your printed materials - due to the dictates of SEO.

If your home page is just one big flashy animation - it may look 'cool' but it would fare poorly on search engines - no-one would find it....it's a trade off.


Below is a selection of abcissa websites.
Click on the link or the image to take a look at the site. If you would like something similar ask for free no-obligation quote.
Equally, if you would something completely different, please specify your requirements and ask for a quote.

e - site with e-commerce, c - site with a content management system (i.e site owners can edit the content themselves)
, s - site with social media integration
NB a number of these were built before the advent of responsive web sites

Bespoke software - Please enquire if you would like to discuss beposoke software - below are some examples

Charity Christmas cards
A bespoke frontend and backend ecommerce system which enables over 60 Charities to sell their Christmas cards and has raised over £500,000 for the charities
Quickquote App iphone / ipad app which enables the creation and sending of a quotation document while on site
MP Tracking Software
Tracks visitors to web site and logs all activity on the site - clicks downloads etc
MBZ web app
App for use in conjunction with Wordpress which allows comparison of products



Contact Us

Contact: Phil Barnett

Mail: info@abcissa-websites.co.uk

Phone: 01695 228087

Address: 20 Stoney Brow, Upholland, Wigan, WN8 0QE

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us, if you are requesting a quote please give a few details regarding your site.

  • Is it a new site or an existing site
  • Type of site - what will it achieve
  • Number of pages

If you have only a rough idea of your requirement - we can still give you a "ballpark" figure, or discuss what the options are.

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